Certified Medical Tourism Professional

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These modules allow professionals to take the next step to achieve a more advanced understanding of a specific prioritized topics related to the Medical Tourism industry. Anyone already involved in the Medical Tourism industry can benefit from these modules.

Level 1 = $100.00 per module

Level 2 = $250.00 per module

Course NameCreditsPrice 
View Details 12 Non-Obvious Trends Changing How We Buy, Sell Or Believe Anything In 2014 1 $100.00
View Details Achieving Sustainable Improvement & Market Differentiation through Clinical Quality Improvement 1 $100.00
View Details Applying a Proactive Risk Assessment Approach to Patient Safety 1 $100.00
View Details Best Practices in POST-Travel / POST-Operative for International Patients 1 $100.00
View Details Best Practices in PRE-Travel / PRE-Operative for International Patients 1 $100.00
View Details Continuum of Care Protocols for International Patients 1 $100.00
View Details Corporate Wellness as an Integral part of your Medical/Surgical Travel Healthcare Practice 1 $100.00
View Details Dancing in the Dark 1 $100.00
View Details Entrepreneurial Principles for the Medical Tourism Industry 1 $100.00
View Details From Service to Experience - The Continuum of Satisfaction 2 $250.00
View Details Guidelines for International Patient Management during Pre-Treatment 2 $100.00
View Details How to Create an "Elite" Patient Experience 1 $250.00
View Details How to Incorporate Technology and Staffing into your Medical/Surgical Travel Healthcare Practice 2 $100.00
View Details Improving Efficiency In Your Healthcare Operations 1 $100.00
View Details Making it Safe: How to Make Your Hospital More Attractive to the Medical Traveler 1 $100.00
View Details Managing the International Patient/Doctor Relationship 1 $100.00
View Details Medical Tourism Storytelling as a Digital Marketing Tool to Increase Revenue 1 $100.00
View Details Nouveau Niche Medicine 2 $250.00
View Details Nuts and Bolts of Contracting for Facilitators 1 $250.00
View Details Quality, Cost & Value: How to Delivery Value-Based Care that Ensures Positive Outcome 1 $250.00
View Details Risk Mitigation & Management Policies & Practices for International Patients 2 $250.00
View Details Serving the Impatient Patient 2 $250.00
View Details Social Selling Through LinkedIn 1 $100.00
View Details Telehealth and Medical Tourism 1 $100.00
View Details The 7 Myths of Middle Age Implications for Marketing & Brands 1 $100.00
View Details The Importance of Cultural Competency in International Patient Care 1 $250.00
View Details The Importance of Patient / Physician Communication Before and After Travel 1 $100.00
View Details The Roles and Responsibilities of Physicians In Patients' Decisions About Unproven Stem Cell Therapies 1 $100.00
View Details Understanding Domestic Medical Travel 1 $100.00